5 Things That Will Save Your Life at a Festival

  1. Hydration pack

    Staying hydrated is always important, but when you’re at a show in the center of a hot crowd dancing and sweating you can become dehydrated fast. Hydration packs can hold more water than a regular water bottle, are more convenient, and environmentally friendly. Hydration packs will keep your hands free and allow you to spend more time dancing, instead of waiting in the long lines for water. Vibedration sells 2L hydration packs for as low as $31; a small investment that will be a life saver at any show!

  2. tissues

    If you have ever been to any kind of outdoor event that lasted all day, you’ll know how quickly the toilet paper runs out in the port-a-potties. As if port-a-potties aren’t bad enough, all of the toilet paper runs in the first couple of hours! Bringing your own tissues can make you significantly less uncomfortable (especially if you’re a woman). Tissues can be used for a variety of things at a festival; fixing makeup, cleaning your phone screen, or wiping off tears of joy when your favorite artist comes on stage.

  3. hand sanitizer

    A product that can help with your battle against germs at a music festival is hand sanitizer. There is often no way to wash up at a festival, so hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for temporary cleanliness. Being crammed together with a bunch of sweaty strangers can really make you feel disgusting; hand sanitizer can help you feel clean after being covered in all of those germs.

  4. portable phone charger

    A portable phone charger might actually be a life saver at a show. You will most likely have your phone out for the majority of a music festival, not only are there amazing sets to film, but also art pieces, cool outfits, and amazing people to take pictures of. We all know phone batteries don’t last long, and will die significantly faster at a festival. A dead phone may be inconvenient when wanting to film, but may cause actual problems if you get separated from your group. You can get a portable phone charger from just about anywhere for as cheap as $10. If you want to really get into the spirit of a music festival, Wattzup sells this awesome alien head charger for $40.

  5. filter masks

    Most large festivals are outdoors, which means that there are tons of people kicking dirt into the air. A simple piece of fabric over your face can save you tons of trouble breathing. A filter mask will save you from so much discomfort. If you know the venue you’re going to is outside, make sure to get a bandana or buy a mask before you go. Trust me.


Bonus tip: First thing after entering a venue, go straight to the medical tents to get free earplugs. They will save your ears.