Supplies List for Wood Planter

(8) 15” Fence Boards – Used for the siding

(4) 18’’ wood 1×3 – used for the legs

(4) 18” wood 1×2 – used for legs

(2)  16 ¼ “ wood 1×3 – used for top trim

(2) 12 1/2 “ wood 1×3 – used for top trim

(2) 15” wood 1×2 – used for bottom support posts

(2) 14” Fence Boards – used for bottom of planter

(1) 14” wood 1×3 – used for bottom of planter

(1) Plastic bag – used for protection from soil for bottom of planter

(1) Bag of potting soil

(1) Box of 1” Panel Board Nails


Tool List

  • Hammer
  • Tape Measurer
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Panel Board Nails


Steps for Making Wood Planter

Pre-cut wood pieces needed in accordance with the specifications listed under the supply list.


Step One: Take one of the 18” 1×3 pieces of wood and four nails. Hammer that to the 18” 1×2 piece of wood to make your first planter leg. Repeat three more times to make a total of four legs. (See video for reference)

Step Two: Take two pieces of the 15” fence board and eight nails. Nail both boards between two of the legs. Repeat this step with the other two legs. (See video for reference)

Step Three:  Take the two side walls you have made and stand them on their sides. Next take two more pieces of the 15” fence board, eight nails and nail the boards to the other side of the leg. Flip planter box over and repeat this step on opposite side.(See video for reference)

Step Four: Take two pieces of the 15” 1x2wood pieces. Nail them to the bottom portion of the siding for supports. Nail on pieces on opposite sides of eachother. (See video for reference)

Step Five: Take two pieces of the 14” fence boards, eight nails. Nail the fence boards to the bottom supports you just installed. Leave spaces between bottom boards for drainage purposes. (See video for reference)

Step Six: Take your trash bag and line the bottom of the planter to help preserve the wood from rotting. Take your pencil and poke holes in the bag for drainage. (See video for reference)

Step Seven: Take two pieces of the 16 ¼  “ wood pieces, two pieces of the 12 ½ “ wood pieces, eight nails. Nail the wood to the top of the planter for the trim. (See video for reference)

Step Eight: Add potting soil and dig a hole in the middle for your choice of plant.

Step Nine: Add your choice of plant in the hole and cover with soil. A tomato plant was chosen here. (See video for reference)