Instead of just eating cold turkey sandwiches for a week, try switching it up with these creative recipes!


Try making cream of turkey and wild rice soup with some leftover turkey! You can add any fresh vegetable you want, but the recipe linked suggests carrots, celery and mushrooms. This creamy soup is great for the fall season with its warm earthy flavors. Serve with a green salad and some warm bread.

For an unexpected twist, try turkey enchiladas, they are sure to be a hit! You can put your own twist on these by adding adobo sauce and jack cheese.

Green Beans

Green beans go great with salads! You can use green beans in this amazing french salad. This tangy salad will be sure to mix things up. You can choose to add egg and tuna to this salad for extra protein, perfect for a light lunch.

One dish that mixes two thanksgiving leftovers together is a sweet potato and green bean shrimp skillet. This dish has an Italian flare with mozzarella , garlic and parsley. This dish that uses both sweet potatoes and green beans is a quick and delicious way to use leftovers fast.


This may be the most simple recipe imaginable, but it’s an easy way to put a twist on stuffing! Stuffing stuffed mushrooms make a great side dish with almost any fall meal! If you love button mushrooms, you will love this!

If you want to try something unique go for these stuffing cakes with hollandaise sauce. The sauce is made with sage, so that it will mix well with the flavor of the stuffing, it’s like the Thanksgiving version of eggs Benedict. You can get creative by adding other leftovers in, like turkey or cranberries.


You can always use leftover cranberries with any other thanksgiving leftover, but you could also use them in muffins! Carrot and cranberry muffins can be a great way to start the day, or have as a snack. These have cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg in them which are fantastic flavors for any fall morning.


If you gave any of these recipes a try let us know! Happy Thanksgiving!