Virtual Juried Art Exhibition Winners

The National Orange Show would like to thank all the amazingly talented artists for their submissions. As the art director I felt like I was wandering around a gallery being drawn in too many stories and wanting to know so much more. The talent represented was beyond outstanding. I am so grateful for these artists and the hours of diligent work represented. As well we had such a wide variety of mediums represented. The National Orange Show is grateful for your participation and we can’t wait to exhibit your work in person in successive years.

Robyn Jutzy
National Orange Show Art Director

Citrus Category

1st Place Citrus Category
David Rosales for
“Orange on Imari Plate”
Oil on canvas
36″ x 36″

With a pleasing harmony that captures the vivid color of an orange on an Imari porcelain plate this artist marries a lovely mix of intricate detail with areas of rest.

2nd Place Citrus Category
Jerrie McCluskey for
“California Gold”
17” x 21”

This artist achieved a pleasing mixture of eye catching detail in an overall harmoniously loose watercolor. Can’t you just reach out and pick one?

3rd Place Citrus Category
Leah Balestieri for
“Oranges in Turquoise basket”
14″ x 14′

Vivid cools and warms draw the eye to the orange segments and have us salivating. This artist captured both lovely colors and textures in this still life.

Honorable Mention (Citrus Category)
Sheila Hansberger for
“Moon Brand Oranges”
20″ x 26″

Honorable Mention (Citrus Category)
Paola Cabrera for
“Spring Adventure 2″
Serigraph (8/10)
14″ x 17”

Honorable Mention (Citrus Category)
Cherie Burris for
“Oh, Look At Those Oranges”
20″ x 20″

Open Category

1st Place (Open Category)
Kathy Paulus for
“The Busy Beaver”
11″ x 14″ (unframed)

The liquid motion washes by as I look at the intricacies of this pastel. It is cool and languid yet the warmth of the day is ever present. The fine detail is beautifully captured by this artist.

2nd Place (Open Category)
Mary Ann Ardito for
“Ladies of Color”
Mixed Media
11″ x 14″

These regally robed women and child entice you to want to know their world. Your eye is drawn through the piece by lines and shapes.This painting is rich with color and story.

3rd Place (Open Category)
Scott Krohne for
“What’s This Now?”
20″H 12″W 12″D

Rarely does a title capture so perfectly the emotion. I am dying to know what is rolling around in that cranium.

Honorable Mention (Open Category)
Michael J. Elderman for
“Candlelight Vigil Speaker”
Digital black and white print
18″ x 24″ framed

Honorable Mention (Open Category)
Bruce Herwig for
“Umbrella Alley In The Rain”
5″ x 7″

Honorable Mention (Open Category)
Cate Salenger for
30″ x 40″

All Entries

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